Trick or treat

The trick:
Tonight’s weather was much more a trick than a treat! It felt like high 20s with 30 mph wind and some snow!!!! Ugh snow!!!!!

We didn’t go out due to weather. It was worth risking my baby’s health. So we just got her dressed up and took some pictures. I also facetime my parents of course. We facetime daily!

The treat: I’m so glad I didn’t spend crazy dollars on an infant costume. I looked and debated on it but just couldn’t bring myself to pay for it. I’m sure we will have plenty of years of buying the “it” costume of the year. Plus I think simple costumes are cute.

Without further ado here is my little beanie baby…



She had fun and just laughed and laughed! My heart is happy!!

How did your Halloween go? Hopefully those with older children had better weather and was able to get lots of candy!!


An apple a day….

Baby girl and I have been visiting my parents house again and while here I wanted to celebrate my dad’s birthday dinner I wouldn’t see him on the actual day. I struggled with what to get him as he has everything and what he really would enjoy I simply just can’t afford.

As ‘daddy’s little girl’ I sat back and thought about what my daddy would want… Something homemade, something sweet…. A pie. My dad loves a good pie and I love to bake.

I could have gone the easy route and made a blueberry pie that I’ve made him numerous times before but I wanted a ‘fall’ dessert.

One thing to know about me is I’m kinda obsessed with ‘the Pioneer woman’… I secretly want her life.

Well on her website I found a recipe for a Caramel apple pie

. I did make a few slight modifications for instance I used Arabia for sugar and similar brown sugar. For caramel topping I used a salted caramel topping (smuckers simply delight). I also used gala Apple’s as that is what I had from orchard already. This recipe was enough to make 2 9″ pies.

Served warm with a rich vanilla ice cream!!! Omg perfection.

If you’re like me and you like to make something new for thanksgiving each year this recipe is a must try.




5 months old

5 months ago just as she was born at 832am so were we as parents. We began this journey together just the three of us (well 5 with Kona and Sadie they had adjustments too).

We are so thrilled with each new milestone and heartbroken that we can’t make time stand still and keep her little. She’s grown so much and her personality is starting to shine.

Saying we love her to the moon and back just doesn’t do our feelings justice… There are no words for our love. Everyday with her is a dream come true.



What did I do all week?

“Being a mom is the highest paid job in the world, since the payment is in pure love!” –unknown

whew!! Ever have one of those weeks where you didn’t have too much going on yet you didn’t get anything done that you thought you would?

Where did the time go this week… ugh I don’t like it when they go by that fast. Maybe this is payback when I used to pray on Monday mornings that Saturday would hurry up and get here.

Overall it was a great week, so I can’t and won’t complain. Baby girl naps were a lot better. She slept all night every night (I still never assume she will). My house is clean, did some shopping, a lot of laughing with the baby, and a lot of snuggles. Those two things there to me makes it the perfect week. It is really starting to get fun taking her places since she interacts more. She will smile at people, jibber jabber while we are walking around stores. Its a great time! She rode in a cart for the first time today sitting in the front part. To most I know this isn’t such a huge step but it’s just one more reminder to me that she is getting bigger.

Came up with a Halloween costume for baby girl. Nothing crazy, practical in that she can wear it again (for about a week before she grows out of it). I just didn’t want to go the typical pumpkin, ladybug costume. I won’t spoil the details… plus if it doesn’t turn out like it does in my head I’ll have to think quick to change it. 🙂 always thinking…I’m a mom now sooo…. well you get it!

Only down side to the week; my husband and I had a disagreement Friday night; nothing major but I still hate arguments. He must of felt bad as he scheduled me a heated stone massage for tomorrow. I WILL TAKE IT!!! AHHHH!!! He is learning; a massage is WAAAYYYY better than flowers. Honestly though, he didn’t have to do it but I’m grateful for it. If you’ve never had a heated stone massage… book one. Or make your husband buy you one! Best 60-90 minutes ever! Totally made up for him being a little butt head. Gosh, I do love him; even without the massage.

Tomorrow starts another week and I hope its as good or better yet even better than this week. I hope my baby is happy and healthy… that’s all I need! I hope everyone takes a moment tonight and reflect on your week, the highs, the opportunites…. and gets refreshed for a brand new day and week! Have a good one!!!

Landing Page Envelope so true!


I made a human…. WHAT?!?!

As I rocked my baby before I put her to bed something hit me like a ton of bricks. I made her! Every inch of her, every part of her being, I made her (with a little help from her daddy). I carried her inside of me. She never existed before and there will never be no one else like her. Even as I typed that last sentence it amazes me how true that is. How incredible is that? I certainly did something right! I’m so in love with her!

from our walk today!

I mean I knew I was pregnant and I know what happens when a female is pregnant; I’ve seen the movie ‘The Miracle of Life’ which was made in the early 80s. I think all I really took away from it was the ‘fashion’ (if you can call it that) the adults were wearing… oh my! You know you agree with this. I think during my whole pregnancy it was never real to me. I guess I thought I’d just go to the hospital the doctor would come in, I’d deliver, and from around the corner my baby would appear. You know the stork carries the baby to the hospital room. HA! Seriously though, it amazes me what the female body can do. What we are capable of. How beautiful. I kind of want to be pregnant again, and again, and again. Okay I’m not sure about 3 more times… but definitely again.

All of this made me think of a quote I’ve read probably a thousand times when I was pregnant; “No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.” I remember thinking ‘aww, how cute’. It was just this sweet saying but I didn’t understand the full meaning until the days since she was born. Her and I have this bond that no one else can have, take, understand. How special. It truly is an honor that I got to be this little girls mom. I hope there is never a day that she questions my love for her. I hope I can set the foundation where she always feels at ease in communicating whatever life is throwing at her. I’m here for her. I’m not her friend.. (yet), I am her mother. We may not always agree and to be honest like each other but I’ll always have an ear to listen to her stories, a shoulder for her to cry on, and a hand to help her up if she ever falls. I will always love her.


I have also noticed that when I get overwhelmed with emotions about my daughter, I always think about my mother and all she did for us. I wish there was a way I could have known then what I know now; I would have expressed my gratitude with her more back then. As many teenage daughters and mothers disagree; we had some rough years. I wish I could take those back. I now understand why my mom did what she did, said what she said. (Let’s not tell her that 🙂 but I get it…thanks mom).

There hasn’t been a day gone by that when I feel so much love and emotions for my own daughter that I also don’t feel such appreciation for my own mom. Her and I have the same bond my daughter and I have. You always hear about Fathers and Daughters… I say lets also make Mothers and Daughters worth talking about! 🙂 4734100_f520Amen!!


What a weekend.

Have you ever found yourself so frustrated with someone and you know you should/need to just let it go, but you don’t? I’m so there.

Whom am I frustrated with you ask? Well my husband. I hate that I’m still frustrated. I think I just get more frustrated with myself for being frustrated. Have I lost you yet? ha

Saturday my husband went fishing; as he normally does as he is a tournament fisherman. I know more about fishing than I ever thought I would… I always assumed it was just about luck… silly me. This wasn’t really what I found frustrating; although sometimes I wish I could get him to slow down and spend more time with our daughter on the weekends because he works so much during the week, but it was the fact he was up at 430am. One thing about my husband you should know to fully understand me is he doesn’t do anything quietly. I laid in bed praying that our daughter is by chance in such a sound sleep she doesn’t wake up. My prayers were kind of answered she woke up just after 600am (1.5 hours earlier than normal). UGH so now I’m really up and he’s about to leave. great timing right?!?! So now I’m a little frustrated. and tired.

My daughter must have felt that naps were overrated because she only for about 2.5 hours all day. Her naps were like 20-30 minutes each. This has been going on for a few days now and I’m not sure why she’s doing this. She wasn’t too cranky from not napping but I could tell she was tired. I tried to put her down when she showed signs of being tired. I tried leaving her in her crib so that she could wear herself out. nothing has worked. This mommy has gotten used to her down time every so often while she napped. I wouldn’t say this frustrated me but it sure didn’t help me relax or get down time.

When my husband got home at 400p he wondered what was for dinner. He clearly never heard you don’t walk in the house and immediately ask ‘what’s for dinner’. Well I didn’t cook anything because when I asked him on Friday when he would be home from fishing he said it starts to get dark around 7p so I didn’t expect him home. I also knew he had plans with some co workers to go to a bar in town for some drinks so I didn’t plan on dinner. This all brings me to the next thing that was frustrating; he was going out again and when my husband says he is going to get a drink it never means one. I wasn’t frustrated because I wish I was the one going out ; I much prefer to be home I just wish 1). he would want to be home more 2). I knew when he pulled into the driveway whenever he got home the dogs would bark and guess who would wake up. He got home around 1am and luckily the dogs didn’t wake up the baby. Thank goodness. Still frustrated though.

Today I’ve just been ho hum with him and I just don’t know why. It’s almost like I’m too proud to just let it go. I’ve been snippy with him and I hate being that way. It reminds me of a quote from a book series I’ve read: “I am amazed by how many individuals mess up every new day with yesterday.” –Gary Chapman. Maybe I should read these books again.

When I see this though I just can’t help but stop and think how much I love them both.

daddy and baby

Sometimes I just have to step back and realize my husband is not me and can’t read my mind. Since becoming parents we need to remember to communicate better. Not just the facts but our thoughts, feelings, and maybe most importantly to us our needs. Here’s another good one to remember: “People tend to criticize their spouse most loudly in the area where they themselves have the deepest emotional need.” –Gary Chapman. Sharing our needs is definitely the hardest things for us to do too. practice makes perfect, right?!?!


It’s the little things!

I just noticed I have not written about such a huge day in my daughters development. I definitely want to remember these memories. On Tuesday I was eating my dinner and had her sitting in her bumbo chair in front of me. I noticed she was sticking her tongue out; which is one of her favorite things to do. It’s hilarious! I hope she keeps this fun personality as she gets older. Anyways, she was sticking out her tongue a little differently this time (ha, who knew there were so many ways to stick out ones’ tongue). It almost looked like she was struggling so I was watching carefully and all of a sudden she blew a raspberry. It was the funniest and cutest thing I had seen so far. I watched her figure out how to make the noise come out. I was so proud and glad that I got to witness her figure something out.

Like any mom I grabbed my phone to get it on video to share with my husband and my parents. And….. very typical her she just wanted to look at herself in the phone and wouldn’t do make the noise again. Eventually after making the noise myself about a million times she did it…. and I got it on camera! SCORE!!!! I could now delete the 30 videos of just me making the noise and her looking at me like I’ve lost my mind (which is still up for debate).

After I ate I took her into our bedroom to play on our bed, she likes to look in the mirror and watch the ceiling fan spin around. She was blowing raspberries non stop… (of course no camera filming her to distract her). I facetime my mom and she continued to blow raspberries. My mom and I were in tears laughing at her because she was really pushing to get that face out. I’ve seen faces like these before but for VERY different and stinky reasons. I loved this moment and I wish it could have lasted forever.

All of sudden just when I thought the new milestones were through for the day she turned over from laying on her back to her stomach. Up to this point she could only roll over from stomach to back (which makes me nervous still because she still hasn’t grasped her arm cannot be directly out to the side of the direction she is trying to roll over; I’m so nervous she will hurt herself). It was special that my mom got to witness it as she doesn’t live near. I yelled for joy and she could tell I was happy because she was just smiling and happy as a clam.

Oh what a beautiful day and a memory I hope I never forget!

I saw a picture online today that reminded me of it: “Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room on our hearts”. Oh this couldn’t be more true if you are talking about a baby. This is just another reminder that I made the best decision to be at home to see her grow.

Proud mommy!!

It's not what you think.... just blowing raspberries!!!

It’s not what you think…. just blowing raspberries!!!