Happy 10 months baby girl

My daughter is 10 months old today! She’s really developing her personality and she’s really feisty and energetic! She’ll laugh so hard and the next second crying. She is also figuring out how to get attention (good/bad). She’s very inquisitive about everything. She keeps me on my toes and busy… I love her more than words! I’m the luckiest mom in the world having her as my daughter. 



Blood, Sweat, and Tears!!!

I have been MIA for a while posting anything. No other excuse but that I have just been lazy with it.

On a positive note I have been exercising (cardio/weight training) a minimum of 3 days a week; and I’ll probably start to do 4-5 days soon. I absolutely love going to the gym and I wish I would have started a healthier lifestyle YEARS ago but I’m doing it now and that is all that counts.

It’s definitely hard with a baby and a husband that works essentially round the clock. I have to fit it in when I can. I wish I could go back to working out first thing in the morning but I just can’t seem to get out of bed a 430-5am. My daughter also wakes up by 6am most mornings and I don’t want to make my husband late to work. Therefore, I’m only left to work out around 8pm.

I have done a lot of research on weight training/HIIT/macro counting throughout the last year. Before having my daughter I was working out 6-7 days a week and using a supplement stack full of goodies. I was able to drop about 20-25lbs in about 6 months. That may have actually led to me getting pregnant because I felt so much better about myself and I was WAY less stressed. haha!

My supplements included Whey Protein, a fat burner, a pre workout supplement, BCAAs, among other vitamins. I would love to start that all back up but it’s certainly not cheap; 5 lbs of Whey protein is like $50 on the cheaper range (for good quality) and that is about 60 servings. I can definitely tell a difference because recovery from workout to workout was less noticeable when I was taking the right supplements. Pre workouts were probably my favorite supplement because it really took my weight training to the next level. I’m nervous now to take them because I work out at night instead of the morning and I don’t want to be up all night waiting for it to wear off. I may try it to see how I feel.

I’m pretty happy with my progress so far as I am down 12 lbs since November. It could definitely be better but I’m trying to stay positive and improve gradually so it is more of a lifestyle change than a brief thing.

Instagram is like my new addiction because I basically use it to follow fitness people and they provide great ideas for exercises and recipes. I have also become addicted to youtube and the vloggers who are fitness related. It’s a great tool to help me stay accountable to my own goals. I found if I surround myself with things that are geared towards nutrition or fitness I am more inclined to be healthier and more active! I may try to find some bloggers that also geared towards fitness. I love learning and researching this topic.

If you know of anyone please share with me so I can check them out!


Spaghetti for baby!

I made spaghetti for my daughter recently and it was a big hit!


If anyone has any tips for homemade tomato sauce for baby please share!!! So far I have seasoned with oregano and basil!

I have also kept track of everything I’ve made for my daughter under a separate page on my site titled “baby food made with love” feel free to check it out! I’m very behind on blogging. ugh…. never enough time in the day! lol


What my husband doesn’t know…

What my husband doesn’t know…


Is when I hear my daughter talking in her crib in the morning(around 630-7am) my first thought is getting everything ready for breakfast. 1. Let the dogs out and feed them then let them back out 2. Warm up for food or prepare it (I make my own baby’s good) 3. Get her formula ready 4. Make sure coffee is made (i do this the night before). I do this all in a matter of a couple of minutes before I go to her because it’s a lot easier and quicker without her watching me get get food ready.

Then I get her out of bed and changed.

What my husband doesn’t know…

After I feed her I clean her up, Finally pour my coffee and head to living room. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

I don’t just get to sit on the couch and watch the morning talk shows because we have a 9 1/2 month old who likes to climb up where she shouldn’t, crawl out of sight constantly, slip and fall (mostly scares her), then wanting to crawl all over me, she wants up and down… Up and down. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

It’s now after 9am and she starts getting tired and cranky. This means hard to hold and sometimes just fights sleep (you’ll regret that one day kid, sleep now)

What my husband doesn’t know…

It’s now almost 10am, she’s napping and I may be half way through my first cup of coffee. I’ll finally eat something for breakfast. Then I’ll do the dishes from breakfast and throw in a load of laundry… Something around the house. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

Is then around 1045 our child is awake. Time to change diaper and get dressed. Time for a little formula and back to playing as before. I may be half way through my second cup of coffee by now. Also managed to continue with laundry. Maybe I even vacuumed while she was in her bouncer or having her drink. 

I’m not even going to go into running errands and preparing for that. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

It’s now 1230p and it’s lunch time. Warm up or prepare her food, occupy her while I do that. While she’s drinking her milk I clean those dishes. 

It’s now after 1p and it’s FaceTime with my parents. This is actually like a mini break in my day, although holding a phone and active 9 1/2 month old is not easy. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

By 2pm she’s starting to get cranky and you may think she’s ready for a nap but she’s not. She just needs a little quiet cuddle time (about 10 minutes or so… My favorite time). Then she’ll get back to playing or we’ll read a book. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

Her second nap doesn’t come until about 330pm. Then I have my lunch. I finish my house chores I’ve set out to do that day and make sure dinner is planned and ready to cook. Oh and feed the dogs again. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

Our daughter will be awake by 4-430p and then it’s time for dinner. I prepare and feed her while I’m making ours. This is the trickiest feeding and takes the most out of me to keep her entertained. I then do the dishes and clean up because I still give her a bath in the sink ( not ready to be on my knees bending over a bath tub just yet). Then it’s usually cartoon time to take a break (for me). Usually though we are playing, walking around the house (me half bending over holding her hands walking up and down the hall and all around).

You usually get home around this point. And you’re still working on your phone or iPad and ask the while I’m trying to keep her as quiet as possible. And I’m also trying to fill you in on our day in between your calls. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

I would love for you to put down the electronic devices and spend some good time with our daughter. I know she fusses when you take her from me to hold but can’t you see why now… We’ve been doing a lot together all day long. I’m her everything at this point. I want so badly for her to run to you (or crawl) when you get home… That will come in time I know. But for now I wish you could spend more time with her. She’s a baby once. I used to work in sales so I understand what you do but I don’t think not taking a call the moment it comes in is too much.

What my husband doesn’t know…

After I finish her bedtime ritual and she’s asleep (around 730-8o) then I clean up ask the toys, prepare coffee for next day (see why this is important), I then try to go to the gym. Come home, check on her, shower and take a little care of myself. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

When I lay down at night I never have nothing on my mind. I replay everything that day, maybe re-watch the videos I took of her that day, and mentally prepare for tomorrow. 

Also if you’re working late and not home then I’m praying that the dogs don’t bark when you do get home and wake her up. 

What my husband doesn’t know…

I don’t sleep through the night even she does (thank goodness). I wake up to check the monitor a couple times. 

What my husband sees is his daughter eating breakfast in the morning and then a clean house and dinner when he comes home. 

Now I know my husband is providing for all of us and that had its pressures. I also love everything I do with my daughter each day and love staying home with her. I just wish he saw what it takes to do what I do. 

What I wish by husband knew….